What to do at an estancia?

What to do at an estancia?

Our estancia has plenty of activities for you to do and enjoy during your stay. Located 80km from Buenos Aires, in Capilla del Señor, our Estancia has a vast expanse of land, accompanied by flora and fauna of the Argentine Pampas, that allows a deep connection with nature. It’s an ideal destination for those who are seeking to disconnect from their routine and relax. But what can you do at an estancia?


  • Horse ride in the pampas curated trails
  • Go birdwatching
  • Discover and photograph the fauna and flora in nature
  • Ride a carriage
  • Relax by the pool
  • Learn about Argentina’s traditions: the gaucho and horses
  • Enjoy our country’s delicious gastronomy: asado, wine, empanadas and mate!
  • Watch a polo match and learn how to play yourself with our Polo Day program!


In our estancia, there’s loads of fun activities to do that are waiting for you. Come relax and discover the Pampas Argentinas!

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