Empanadas, a typical dish of Argentine culture

After the famous asado, empanadas are a typical Argentine dish. But how did this food get to our country?

The Spanish took them to America where, later, other ways of preparing them began to emerge. Although they are eaten throughout the continent, in Argentina they became a totally regional symbol.

If there is something that cannot be affirmed, it is that in Argentina there is only one type of empanada that is homogeneous to all parts of the national territory. In fact, there are areas of the country that are famous for their empanadas, as is the case in the northern part of it. An emblematic case is in the Provinces of Salta, Jujuy and Tucumán. The famous “empanada tucumana” is sold throughout the country, representing a particular recipe with that name.

The empanadas from the northern provinces are famous for their flavor, for their knife-cut meat and, depending on the province, for their size. They tend to be juicy, so even tourists from different parts of the world who come to these territories decide to try them as part of their experience.

On the contrary, if we go to Patagonia, we can find famous lamb empanadas, among other ingredients. The importance of the empanada according to the area has to do with the potential it presents to adapt to the typical flavors that characterize each region of the country.

Thus, the variety of Argentine empanadas is very large, since, depending on the region, they have their own flavor and history to tell through them.

Without a doubt, there is no Argentine who does not enjoy good empanadas, if you visit Argentina, do not hesitate to delight yourself with them!

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