Argentine Asado on the grill

Secrets of the Argentine Asado

Anyone who talks about visiting Argentina, or who tells about their experience on their trip to Argentina, talks about how warm the people of the region are, the delicious wines, and of course, the excellent asado they enjoyed in good company.


The asado in Argentina represents family, friendship, and celebration. It is an excellent moment to talk and catch up, while drinking a delicious beer, juices or wine.


To make a good Argentine asado, you just need to know these 7 secrets:


  1. Light an abundant fire

    It is key for every griller to start with an abundant fire, which you can then feed and control, until you reach the perfect temperature, and that will last just long enough to cook everything you need.

  2. Use coarse salt

    When using coarse salt, the piece of meat will be absorbing the salt throughout the cooking, leaving a better flavor, and it won’t be lost quickly, as would be the case with fine salt.

  3. To choose a good cut of meat, of quality

    To have a friend who recommends a good place to buy meat is one of the keys to having a good piece, but to know the most tender cuts, is the other part of the secret of a rich and tender roast.

  4. The perfect temperature

    The ideal is always to maintain a constant temperature, so as not to eat a piece of meat that is burned on the outside and raw on the inside.

  5. Distribute the meat well on the grill

    Depending on the piece and the thickness of the cut, it is important to distribute the pieces well on the grill, as some will need more heat intensity and others much less.

  6. A pinch of patience

    A good barbecue takes time, but as the saying goes: good things come to those who wait. Of course, if you are very hungry, the ideal is to be accompanied by a delicious picada.

  7. Letting the meat rest

    Once the piece is removed from the grill, don’t cut it immediately, let it rest, so that the juices are absorbed and distributed in the piece of meat.

Enjoying a good Argentinian asado is key for those who visit Argentina, and here’s a tip: before eating, give the grill a round of applause! This is a sign of gratitude and sympathy!

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