Argentine Polo Horses, The World’s Elite.

Today we talk about Argentine polo horses. Argentina, not only has the highest number of handicap polo players and brags the biggest number of polo fields in terms of surface área, but also is the only country in the world which produces the horse breed Polo Argentino (or Polo Pony).

Our country leads in the production of polo ponies and has become a thriving and sustainable business which is continually developing and producing internationally recognised quality  polo ponies with distinctive abilities. (More information on this topic here)

The main abilities that a polo pony must have are speed, strength and endurance. These animals must be very fast over short distances, but at the same time, they must be able to endure the intensity of a polo match. Other characteristics of these animals include equilibrium, balance, and sensitivity, traits which are used and developed between the rider and animal and undoubtedly favours the game. It is essential that the polo pony allows the player to develop his skill.

With respect to the physique, the Argentine Association of Polo Pony Breeders, (which is the organisation  that administers the registration of the Argentino Polo breed), states that the horses must be 1.56 m in height and weigh on average between 400-500 kilos.

The horse’s build is solid but muscular and dense, with it’s head well -proportioned with a predominantly straight profile and long neck to assist balance. The hind quarters are muscular and bulky with long wide set legs to allow the horse to gallop.

A particular fundamental of polo ponies is that they must have a good mouth to respond to demands of the player with a lot of sensitivity. It is the animal’s mouth where the breaks act and the bit which allows the rider to establish a delicate system of signals to handle the animal.

As for his carácter, dont forget these are animals of red blooded temperament.

His gait also has it’s own characteristics: the Argentino Polo breed has a fast pace, free and flowing, a free trot,  and a vigorous gallop which is loose and balanced.

All these features combined make these animals part of the worldwide equestrian elite, participating in major polo tournaments and are the perfect complement to the world’s best polo players.


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