Bird watching at our estancia!

Bird watching at our estancia!

If you love bird watching, there’s plenty of beautiful birds waiting for you at our estancia! You will find it a very peaceful activity to do surrounded in the nature of the campo argentino. These are some of the birds you may encounter at our estancia:

– Chingolo sparrow (Alegre Gorrión)
– Hummingrid (Colibrí)
– Ovenbird (Hornero)
– Thrush (Zorzal)
– Calandra Lark (Calandria)
– Black Thrush (Tordo Renegrido)

You will see these birds and more flying and living at our estancia. Their beauty is calming and great for those who are also into photography and nature photography.

Visit our estancia and enjoy a peaceful birdwatching day of these beautiful species!

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