Estancia Day

Only 50 minutes away from the city, and specially designed for you to get familiar with the argentine countryside, our culture and our traditions!

We pick you up from your hotel at 10.30hs. You could select your ride by sharing it with other travelers or in private, for your own comfort.

Arriving at Capilla del Señor , you will discover the charm of this small town

combining an authentic Gaucho life with that of a rural atmosphere.

Nice, quiet, little stores offering the best of our regional pastries, ice creams, pizzas. Neighbors greeting each other, and enjoying a chat at the door-house…simple, wonderful!

We will explain you the importance of this town into our history, you will explore the church, the park, the train station.

You will have then a deep
understanding of our roots.

Capilla del Señor, Buenos Aires, Argentina

At around 13:30hs we will visit the best estancia in the area owned by Argentina Polo Day, for you to

enjoy the beauty of our countryside.

estancia in argentina

A warm welcome with our regional empanadas and wine, and lunch is ready!

Taste an exquisite BBQ, with assorted cuts of meats, farm-to-table vegetables and our premium Argentine wine.

To relax after lunch, you could walk around the estancia and visit the Museum of Native Art, you could lay by the pool, take a carriage ride or hope on the horse and canter on our carefully designed trail close by!

At 16hs we will be back to the city. And you can always come back at any time!

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