Mate the National Drink of Argentina

Mate the National Drink of Argentina

Mate  is the National Drink of Argentina. Is a tradition that means bonding and sharing. If you are offered a mate, it is a sign that you are welcome.


It can be drunk at all hours and at all times. It is a social drink that is usually accompanied with delicious traditional pastries, such as medialunas (croissants) or chipa.


Mate is an ancient tradition. The Guarani people used to drink it long before the conquest of America, and the gauchos inherited this tradition. It is a custom in the Estancias that gauchos and petiseros drink mate while working.


The National Secretary of Culture declared in 2013 that mate, and yerba mate, are recognized as Argentine Cultural, Food and Gastronomic Heritage.


Among the benefits of mate are that it has more antioxidants than green tea, increases the ability to concentrate, provides more energy and works as a diuretic. In addition, additions such as burrito, or orange peel, give a unique touch to this infusion.

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