A spring day at an estancia

A spring day at an estancia

Now that spring started in September, more and more people are heading outside to enjoy more outdoors activities that will connect them to nature that begins to bloom. An estancia is the perfect place to enjoy yourself and give spring a warm welcome!


With warmer temperatures, outside activities are easier to enjoy. Whether that may be taking a stroll or bike ride around our estancia’s forest, enjoying an afternoon of birdwatching or a relaxing horse ride in the curated trails around the premises, the outdoors is waiting for you to explore it!


During spring, days begin to last a little longer and the sun sets a bit later in the afternoon. This gives everybody the opportunity to stay around for a little longer, enjoying the sun set and sharing some more rounds of mate in our estancia.


Last but not least, our estancia has a wide range of different plants, trees, bushes and flowers that begin to bloom this time of the year. Nature paints a beautiful landscape full of colors and life that make the countryside simply perfect for spending the day.


Don’t miss out on the magic that spring brings to our estancia. We’re open every day of the year!

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