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3 Reasons for Visiting an Estancia in September

Spring brings warmer days, blooming flowers and a stronger desire to enjoy outdoor activities. This month makes us fell even more inclined to plan day or weekend trips to the countryside without having to travel too far from the city. Here are 3 reasons why an estancia would be a great option for you.

  • The ideal estancia close to your home. For those living in the bustling City of Buenos Aires Capilla del Señor is on of the favorite destinations. This city features some of the best estancias in the country allowing you to discover the landscapes of the Pampas region. They are less than an hour from Buenos Aires by car and offer daily or weekly programs including activities for all likes and ages.
  • Nature and Argentine traditions. Estancias are natural places prepared for welcoming visitors, but their essence untouched. They embody the best of our country’s traditions: the countryside, horses, the gaucho lifestyle, asado, mate. During your stay, your will have the chance to meet with locals, learn stories and get a try sense of rural life while enjoying everything estancias have to offer.
  • Outdoor activities for all tastes. Either with family or friends, estancias offer a wide variety of outdoor activities ranging from bird watching to riding horses and even polo. In these places you can be as active or relaxed as you want. Why not mixing adventure with relax? This is the best place to do so always surrounded by the natural beauty of the Pampas region.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that estancias are open all year round. Take the change to visit them several times to rediscover their magic in every season of the year.

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