people riding their bikes in estancias

What Makes Bicycles Perfect for Estancias

Rural settings such as estancias help us connect with nature and healthy habits. More and more tourists choose bicycles as a better alternative for relaxing and moving around the place.

Bicycles go perfectly well with estancias for the simple reason that they both embody the best of our countryside: nature and freedom. Bikes allow us to visit every corner of the premises, which means reaching places you could not otherwise get to. There is always the possibility of exploring the place on horse, but why not trying both?

Biking is also a healthy and ecofriendly family activity to share during a day or a weekend out of town. Family biking enables you to spend quality time with your loved ones and help improve their health. In a safe environment of an estancia, your children will be free to play on their own and will discover that outdoor activities are also fun.

Last but not least, this kind of family activity highlights the importance of using bicycles to achieve a more sustainable world. Sustainability is key for the future of tourism, which is why an increasing number of estancias are offering this option.

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