people riding horses in an estancia

Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in an Estancia

Estancias are iconic sites of rural life in Argentina. Similar to a ranch, they offer visitors a wide range of outdoor activities to enjoy the countryside and get an insight into the traditions and culture of the country.

Horseback riding can be considered the most emblematic of these activities. Not only is it the most popular option, but it is also one of the most inclusive ones. Horse trails allow for safe riding to reach every corner of the site. In many cases, these trails are shared with bikers. This allows you to discover the beauty of nature from another perspective.

If you love horses and adrenaline, then polo should be included on top of your things-to-do list. Like horse riding, no experience is required for enjoying a polo experience. Argentina is the leading country in this sport, and some estancias and polo clubs offer experiences for everyone every day.

Maybe you just want a day or a couple of days off the city to relax. Hiking and birth watching are the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. Argentina is a large country rich in bird species. This is perfect for birdwatchers since every estancia is home to different species depending on its location.

These are the star outdoor activities in an estancia. Of course, no rural experience is complete without an asado, empanadas and mate.

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