The rural atmosphere

Rural environments by definition are areas not classified as urban areas, where agricultural and agro-industrial activities are carried out and where natural resources predominate. In turn, it is a territory that is distinguished from others by its low density of inhabitants. In today’s post we are going to tell you why rural spaces are much more than this.

In the first place, in the rural atmosphere there is a cultural behavior where social ties within the community predominate. There is an existence of strong ties between people. In other words, almost everyone knows and deals with each other, which makes the rural space a great family where each person is unique, recognized and loved by all.

Outside of concrete jungles, in the absence of rush and high levels of stress, people tend to have a greater connection with themselves and with their environment. Therefore, another of the great qualities of rural life is tranquility as a lifestyle that invites you to be aware and appreciate all the good things in your day to day life.

On the other hand, rural life is healthier. Not only do you breathe clean and pure air, but also eating is usually more conscious, either because you decide to grow your own fruits and vegetables or because you buy them from people who grow them in the surroundings.

Our estancia is in a magical rural atmosphere that invites you to enjoy nature, the freedom of the countryside and the animals. In it you will discover many new things and live experiences that you had not even imagined before.

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