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Why Estancia are worth visiting in Argentina

La Estancia, unlike a hotel, has the great advantage of being an environment where more than a good service, it is a complete experience, where you are made to feel part of a homey and friendly place.


Located 80km from Buenos Aires, in Capilla del Señor, La Estancia has a vast expanse of land, accompanied by flora and fauna representative of the Argentine Pampas, allowing a deep connection with nature, being an ideal destination for those who are in search of a disconnection from the online world, and get the relaxation of mind and body.


Knowing a little more about the history of Argentina, with locals and people from all over the world, while enjoying a delicious asado prepared by experts, accompanied by premium Argentine wines, and then ending with a walk and a delicious snack with Argentine mate and delicious pastries, is part of the experience and the memory that we offer you here at the Estancia, where rural and sustainable tourism are part of us.

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