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Sulkies Never Get Old

The sulky is usually presented as an alternative to horseback riding. It is still used for transportation and tourism purposes in many farms and estancias across Argentina. In this post, we will tell about the sulky’s origins and why this is a tradition that never gets old.

This traditional form of rural transport is basically a carriage drawn by horses. It has a seat for the driver and two wheels. It is not unusual, however, to see four-wheeled sulkies.

In Argentina, the use of sulkies dates back to times when country men needed to move across the land with their families. Transportation needs may remain, but today different type of sulkies are used for sport, tourism and social events, such as weddings.

Some people mistakenly think that traveling on a sulky is not as fun as riding a horse. You should know that sulkies can be so much fun when you choose a nice when you choose a nice natural setting and you share the ride with your family. It can be also a wonderful romantic experience for your wedding party or anniversary.

It is worth mentioning that sulkies are a significant part of the country life in Argentina and is a great way to learn more about the country’s traditions and the gaucho culture.

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