Capilla del Señor

Top 5 things to do in Capilla del Señor

If your vacation made you get to Capilla del Señor, you will surely find that there are many places to visit. In this case, we leave the 5 best places to visit in Capilla del Señor:

 #1 Parish Church of Exaltation of the Cross

 The current Parish Church was inaugurated on December 4, 1866. Work carried out by the architect’s Hunt and Sherarder, the same ones who designed the buildings for the Stock Market and the Buenos Aires Customs House. Eclectic in style, it has a single nave, side tower with clock and bell tower

#2 San Martin Plaza

 Founded in 1872, after being an old sacred burial area. The fountain and pale are main features and around them an orchestra used to play. Baustres cementitions decorate the four corners of the square

#3 Museum of Sacred Art

Capilla del Señor, the first town declared of national historical interest. The museum allocates part of the proceeds to the San José Hospital, with the rest we safeguard the past to contribute to the present and the future.

#4 The Miralejos

Italian style house and the only example – in the urban area of Capilla del Señor – of the stylistic current “picturesque” that was found in the settlements of the province of Buenos Aires, in the first decades of the 20th century. The building ends with view-point tower with four sides.

#5 Rainbow Walk

It is the place chosen by locals and visitors for recreation in contact with nature. and where shows and open-air parties take place.

Capilla del señor is a wonderful place and it´s waiting for you!

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