Our Argentine wine

Argentina is one of the main protagonists in the worldwide wine industry, and Argentine wine is worldwide famous for its quality and variety.

The diversity of climates, from Jujuy to Chubut, together with the soil conditions are perfect for production and allow the making of dozens of vines of all kinds and styles, making Argentina recognized not only for its asado but also for having the best wines in the world.

When we talk about Argentine wine we are referring to those opulent wines, full-bodied and with intense flavors. In the country the two types of wine that are produced the most are: red wines where the Malbec grape stands out, of French origin, which found favorable conditions for its growth in Mendoza, and is considered to be the best that Argentina produces. Currently the wine from this grape is the most exported, making the country the fifth largest wine producer worldwide. Also it is produced white wines that are generally Chardonnay, Torrontés, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin blanc, Viognier and Semillón.

The Torrontés grape is typical from this country (although its ancestral vines are native to Europe) since in this climate it reaches its best development, especially in the provinces of Mendoza, Salta, San Juan and La Rioja where the large number of hours of sunshine at year favor their growth.

Obviously, Argentina wine is considered a national drink, do not stay with the craving and try the wines that the country has for you!

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