How to prepare an Argentinian Asado

Whether you’re in Argentina or abroad, the Argentinian asado is famous, mainly for the meat that is used, and secondly for its exquisite taste.

Roasting meat is a tradition in Argentina that brings together families and friends. Do you want to prepare an Argentine barbecue? Here we leave you these simple steps so you can prepare it.

Prepare the meat. If you have it frozen or in the refrigerator take it out and let it take room temperature.

Try to avoid defrosting it in the microwave, since sometimes it happens that the microwave when thawing it also cooks it a little, which may harden the meat in some parts
If you are not in Argentina you can go to a butcher shop and ask for Argentine cuts, most of the butchers will know what you are talking about.

Prepare the fire and charcoal. You can make the fire with both charcoal and wood. Coal is widely used in cities since it is more difficult (and expensive) to obtain firewood.

If you want to make the fire with charcoal you will have to place a fruit box (of greengrocers) and charcoal on 4 bricks, and on a rack catch rolls of newspaper until the box is lit and you have constant fire to generate in the coal a white charcoal.
If you want to make the fire with firewood it is as simple as putting together a kind of “roof” with fine sticks, introducing a little paper inside and lighting it on fire. After this leave it until embers are formed.

Place the fire. Hit the bottom of the grid where you have the charcoal so that small braziers fall which you have to put under the grill. It is time to put the fathoms in the area that you are going to use, it is usually put in its entirety depending on the cuts of meat and bread that you use, but the basic and basic thing is to place the fathoms.

To clean the grill of possible remains of previous roasts, let the coals rest for a while underneath it and pass a newspaper paper doing strength to remove the dirt.
Once placed the embers, wait about 10 minutes and with your hand on the grill (about 10 cm) you must be able to tolerate heat and count to 7. That is the easiest method to know if the heat is enough to reach all the areas of the meat on the grill and have a good cooking.

Place the meat. You have to put the achuras (chorizo, chichulines, etc.) first in the part closest to you, then the cuts of meat that have bone (ribs, chicken, etc.) and culminate with the boneless meats (empty, Russian roast , etc.)

If you have other types of things to roast, such as some vegetables (potatoes, squash, peppers, etc.), place them approximately 15 minutes after placing the meat.
If you are going to roast black pudding, keep in mind that it is best to place them at the end, since it is only to heat them.

Ready!. It was easy! It is stipulated between 1 hour to 2 hours and a half in its entirety, it is turned when the bones in the case of the ribs or the strip stop bleeding and the tips are taking a certain black color.

The chicken has to have good fire in the part of breasts otherwise it will be raw in the inside of the same, usually it is 1 hour of each side approximately.

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