Winter Estancia Days

Oddly enough, Winter is easier to cope with in rural areas than in many towns. This is why why should consider this season for planning estancia days.

Despite the isolation at this time of year, the resources of the countryside help the people at the estancias get through the cold better than many people who live in cities.

The field work forces them to get up every day around 6 in the morning and, after having breakfast with some “mates” and “fried cakes”, go out to visit it and gather some sticks of firewood to spend the day.

For those of us who do not live in the countryside, Winter offers us some activities that do not appear in summer and can be enjoyed by adults and children:

* Discover that some trees drop their leaves and others do not. The field is the perfect setting to understand the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees.

* Know what serves as food for wild animals. Berries, seeds or roots. Many of the things that are not edible for us are used by animals.

* Know what mushrooms are and where they grow. Many active tourism companies organize estancia day excursions.

* Know the work of dry leaves. The cycle of nature is easier to understand on the ground.

* Discover the animals that live under the blanket of dry leaves. A little exploration and staining your hands is always helpful.

Thinking of the countryside, farms, large lands, comes the idea of Summer and spending time outdoors. In Winter, there are many things to do too, from looking for firewood to get hot, food to feed us and shelter to get warm, to getting to know different nature and nurturing activities with the family.

We wait for you at our estancia, any time of the year!

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