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What are the benefits of being in contact with nature

The protection of nature and the environment is one of the most important tasks we have to fulfill if we want to conserve a habitable planet and our own health and well-being as a species.

However, beyond these fundamental aspects, it is demonstrated that, when we spend time in nature, our body feels benefited, which helps us improve our physical and mental health. In fact, experts recommend spending time in contact with nature, since the activities we spend in the natural environment, have direct and quantifiable benefits in our body.

Greater quantity and better oxygen quality is ine of the first benefits that we will enjoy.

Sport activities

Very close to the best quality of oxygen that we find present in nature, it is also worth noting that natural spaces are ideal places to practice exercise and sports.


According to many studies, spending more time in contact with nature generate that certain regions of our brain that are responsible for producing hormones become active and make us be happy.


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