The importance of playing with children outdoors

Playing with children outdoors has become more important than ever in times when the advancement of technology, cities, screens, make us spend more time inside.

In some adults and because of working this may be common but speaking of children, the situation is not very favourable. In fact, it became more and more recurrent to the point that today, there are people in prison who spend more time outdoors than many children. Almost double.Specifically, the time outdoors in contact with nature has been reduced considerably, spending more than 90% of its time indoors.

And children need something else: to be with the family and on the move from birth and the easiest and most interesting way of getting around is playing and, if possible, outdoors. By nature, children are not overly aware of the past and not of the future, they live in the moment. Its main activity is to play and preferably outdoors and contact with nature.

If we talk about ideals, nature is better than the neighbourhood garden because the brain needs novelty, curiosity and research. Fortunately, the exploration of the unknown is in our genes. Therefore being in open places, with animals, flowers, trees, possibilities of walking, running, knowing the environment and playing, are essential for children.

Unfortunately, we have an innate tendency to underestimate children’s cognitive abilities, but the truth is that they know better than we do when they are prepared to take a certain risk. On the beach, in contact with animals, children know exactly how far to take risks, although we should always be nearby.

So, if these days you are thinking about how to enjoy a family day, turn off the TV, the Tablet and the computer, go outside to play, meet new places, enjoy with the family.

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