As the world changes seasons, we have to go through them. Animals face the cold in one way, trees and plants in another and we must find our way.

Among the changes that take place in winter, regarding trees, for example, the trunk and branches breathe through pores of spongy tissue called lenticels, which exchange gases between the atmosphere and the interior of the bark.

In winter the trees seem asleep due to the cold, lack of light etc … and although we do not see it inside, both its trunk and its branches work frantically to stimulate the growth of the small sprouts of spring.

For the winter season it is recommended:

• Respect day and night circuits as much as possible, wake up very early as soon as the sun rises and rest as soon as it gets dark.

• As the days get colder and shorter, you are likely to start craving other foods. In these cases, enjoy an abundant hot meal.

• What many may think is that it is best to stay home, but no: it is important to go outside. Whether it’s for a low-intensity walk or getting ready for a high-intensity outdoor exercise, be sure to spend time outdoors every day. Your lungs will be grateful for the fresh air and your body will benefit from the vitamin D provided by natural sunlight.

• Awaken the senses: if you have the possibility of being with animals, pet them, if you can spend days near trees and plants, come to smell them, caress them. The large green spaces or rooms also help to relax the view or calm stress.

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