Tip for safe horseback riding in Buenos Aires

Horseback riding is a rewarding and fun sport, but aspects of it can be dangerous, given the strength, speed, height, and unpredictability of a horse.

The safest way to learn to ride is with an experienced coach on a quiet school horse. An instructor can teach you safe riding skills like stopping and turning, and how to cue for transitions between gaits.

  • Ride a suitable horse for your riding skill level. Beginner riders should ride quiet, well-mannered horses that are accustomed to the mistakes beginners make.
  • Don’t leave small children unattended on or around horses. Teach kids how to act around horses. They should learn to speak softly and move slowly, keeping a safe distance between themselves and the horse, unless they are directly working with it. They should also learn not to be a distraction when others are riding.​
  • The safest way to learn to ride is with an experienced riding instructor or coach. Don’t go it alone. Not only will you learn faster, you will be safer as you learn.
  • If you are riding a young, green (untrained) or unfamiliar horse, ride with supervision and in a familiar area. Taking a horse out on the trail, or riding alone for the first time isn’t a great idea.
  • Consider wearing a torso-protecting safety vest.
  • Check your girth before mounting.
  • Check tack frequently for signs of wear and weakness, especially stirrup leathers.

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