El mate, the Argentine tradition

In Argentina, when someone offers you a mate, it´s a sign that you are welcome.

Why? Because mate in our country is much more than a drink, it is a tradition, a moment of brotherhood, a bond of union.

No one drinks mate because they are thirsty, we drink mate every now and then, at any time, on any occasion. It is a ritual, an encounter between two or more people, or also the mate is a faithful companion on long days of work or eternal nights of study.m

Drinking mate is a costume in every Estancia too, gauchos and Petiseros at work, all drink mate.

Declared national infusion of Argentina, its preparation has so many tricks and secrets that it usually generates great differences and even discussions among Argentines.

Also, it has interesting health benefits: it stimulates the central nervous system without causing insomnia, it provides vitamins and minerals, it is a diuretic and contains antioxidant substances. In short, mate is ideal for sharing, it is an invitation to chat and great for your health.

What if we have a mate together? 😊

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