Estancias Argentinas | Argentina Polo Day

Many of the properties are ancient family homes that have only recently opened their doors to visitors while others have been purpose-built as country hotels. While the older estancias give you a great sense of history, their newer counterparts are often aimed at the more luxurious end of the market. However, all will have sweeping grounds, horses, and gauchos.

A visit or a stay at an estancia, wherever it is in the country, will most likely be based around three things: food, including the obligatory ‘Asado’ (barbeque) lunch; drink, including the traditional maté and wine; and horses.

Some estancias offer guests the opportunity to get involved in the herding and shearing that is part of the gaucho’s day-to-day life, and others like Argentina Polo Day will introduce you to the most exclusive sport in the world.

A day of polo to watch the professionals and learn how to play it will make you feel exactly like a polo player for a day!

Guests are also welcome to get involved as much as they like, with riding excursions available for all levels.

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