estancia tourism -Argentina Polo Day

Estancia Tourism

Tourism in Estancia invites us to be part of the history and culture to which they are linked. Each estancia is surrounded by tradition, and they keep in their interior the past and present of criollos and immigrants.   There are European mansions in the middle of the Pampean plains, and also t...
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country day at estancia

Country Day at Estancia

A Country Day at Estancia is ideal for those of us who come from metropolis.   We’re prey of speed and constant movement in which we are submerged, added to the technological life and social networks, which makes us hyper connected with every corner of the world every second, brings to ou...
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Argentine Asado on the grill

Secrets of the Argentine Asado

Anyone who talks about visiting Argentina, or who tells about their experience on their trip to Argentina, talks about how warm the people of the region are, the delicious wines, and of course, the excellent asado they enjoyed in good company.   The asado in Argentina represents family, friends...
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