people riding horses in an estancia

Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in an Estancia

Estancias are iconic sites of rural life in Argentina. Similar to a ranch, they offer visitors a wide range of outdoor activities to enjoy the countryside and get an insight into the traditions and culture of the country. Horseback riding can be considered the most emblematic of these activities. No...
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The rural atmosphere

Rural environments by definition are areas not classified as urban areas, where agricultural and agro-industrial activities are carried out and where natural resources predominate. In turn, it is a territory that is distinguished from others by its low density of inhabitants. In today’s post w...
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The emotional benefits of a balanced landscape

The landscape in which we spend our day to day can positively or negatively affect our health. The views that we have from the window of our house or from our workplace can influence our mood, making us more irritable or enjoying more relaxation and positive emotions. An attractive, clean, and aesth...
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