country day at estancia

Country Day at Estancia

A Country Day at Estancia is ideal for those of us who come from metropolis.   We’re prey of speed and constant movement in which we are submerged, added to the technological life and social networks, which makes us hyper connected with every corner of the world every second, brings to ou...
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estancia argentina

Why Estancia are worth visiting in Argentina

La Estancia, unlike a hotel, has the great advantage of being an environment where more than a good service, it is a complete experience, where you are made to feel part of a homey and friendly place.   Located 80km from Buenos Aires, in Capilla del Señor, La Estancia has a vast expanse of lan...
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people riding horses in an estancia

Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in an Estancia

Estancias are iconic sites of rural life in Argentina. Similar to a ranch, they offer visitors a wide range of outdoor activities to enjoy the countryside and get an insight into the traditions and culture of the country. Horseback riding can be considered the most emblematic of these activities. No...
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