rural tourism

Rural Tourism

Each estancia, which is adapted to receive rural tourism, differentiates from the rest, for the environment of the landscape in which they are located, the nature of the productive exploitation of the countryside, and the complementary activities that they offer.

Surrounded by tradition, they keep inside the past and present of Criollos and immigrants. A bonfire set to warm the stranger after a long trip. The empanadas and the hot mate primed by the owners of the establishment always welcome the visitor. Once open, the tranqueras invite to rest, peace and quiet. They are the perfect entrance to a different world where an inner search is achieved among the immensity of the landscape.


Learning to ride, take walks to observe birds, discover the fauna, photograph it, refresh yourself in a good pool, ride a carriage, or simply enjoy the tasks of the field are some of the most characteristic activities of these rural programs. Adults find pleasure for life in freedom, breathe pure air, live with nature, listen to silence, see the sky in all the breadth of the horizon or wake up with the song of the birds. For children, an ideal place for them to play freely in nature.

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