Play Polo in an Estancia

Play Polo in an Estancia

If you’re a traveler looking to live an authentic Argentinian experience, to learn about our country’s traditions and culture, the perfect plan to play polo in an estancia is waiting just 80km away from Buenos Aires City.

Hit the road and visit a traditional estancia in the outskirts of the city. Breathe in the fresh air, spend a whole day in nature recharging energies and enjoying the gorgeous landscapes.

In a friendly environment, where you will always be welcome, you will make cherished memories in The Pampas. Learn about a new culture, eat the best asado and empanadas, try mate for the first time, take a horse ride or carriage through the curated trails that go all throughout the 42 hectares of countryside.

And if you are looking for a new adventure and a complete genuine taste of Argentina’s traditions, play polo! Argentina Polo Day offers a variety of programs to enjoy one of the most exclusive sports in Argentina. In Capilla del Señor, you can live the one-of-a-kind experience to play polo in an estancia. This day trip from Buenos Aires has it all! Watch a professional polo match, visit the pony line in between chukkers to see the polo ponies getting groomed and ready, and be a polo player for a day!


Would you like to play polo in an estancia?

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