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Planning your stay at an estancia 

Haciendas and estancias are simply enormous farms, plantations, ranches, or colonial estates, owned by wealthy families who faced a setback during the industrial revolution. Today, they are converted into beautiful accommodation, authentically reflecting deep history and perfected by dreamy landscapes.

An integral part of South American history, estancias and haciendas reflect their European roots with English and French styles, often luxuriously furnished and retaining their elegant colonial air. The owner of an estancia or hacienda is called the estanciero or hacendado.

A hacienda or estancia stay lets you experience traditional South American life, and participate in gaucho (cowboy) activities –riding horses, sheep, and the occasional traditional guitar music and folklore.

Today’s discerning traveler looks forward to enjoying a more defined luxurious statement, where historic mansions are converted into top-class boutique hotels, both comprehensive and local, rather than staying in international hotel chains.

South America’s Argentina exemplifies interesting accommodation that is charming, culturally significant, and historically real, melding a strong sense of place, luxury, comfort, service, and food. If you are planning Argentina, you must check these out!


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Magnificent horsemanship is an aspect of estancia life that has been put to good use for visitors and allows amazing opportunities to live that childhood cowboy dream. You could have a short trot around an estancia (in a horse-drawn-carriage if you don’t fancy riding yourself), learn to play a game of polo, or take a horseback trek of many miles out into the field.


Estancias … A Place to Relax

In Argentina, estancias also fulfill the role of being a place to come and relax. Beautifully trimmed gardens surrounding swimming pools and the make yourself at home’ approach of many owners provide a lovely opportunity to take it easy during your Argentina trip.

Source: Argentina Polo Day

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