Argentina’s gastronomy

Argentina’s gastronomy

Argentina’s gastronomy is some of the best in the world. Anyone who gets the chance to enjoy our food and drinks will tell you so. However, our food is a lot more than that: it represents family and friends, encounters and celebrations, it’s a way to bring people closer. Here are some of the foods you will try in your Estancia Day:



Asados are a tradition in Argentina and a huge part of our identity. Asados represent our values as a community: getting together the family and friends for a special occasion or just because, sharing plenty of anecdotes over a glass of wine or beer and enjoying some delicious meats made with love.

During asados, it is very common to see a long table filled with different cuts of meat: asado, chorizo, morcilla (blood sausage), pork, chicken, etc. Bread is essential to make the famous choripanes (sandwich of chorizo) as well as plenty of salads to accompany the meat and for those who have a vegetarian or vegan diet.



The mate is a symbol of union and brotherhood. When someone offers you a mate, it´s a sign that you are welcome and it is a very common practice to share it with everybody, even strangers.

Drinking mate is a costume in every Estancia too, gauchos and petiseros at work, all drink mate. Its preparation is meticulous but worth it.



Argentina has a broad diversity of climates that make it possible to cultivate all sorts of grapes for wine. Regions like Patagonia, San Juan, Salta and Mendoza are the producers of wine, being Mendoza the biggest one in the country.

Malbec wine is the one that stands out the most and the perfect drink for all your next asados to come. Other types of wine include white wines that are generally Chardonnay, Torrontés, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Viognier and Semillón.



What would you like to try first?

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