A good amount of exercise is  part of the basic care our horse needs.

We all know that excesses are not good and abusing exercise with our horse is as bad as doing none.

Depending on age and race, the horse will need more or less exercise, but at a minimum, all horses need to exercise one hour, four times a week.

Rest is also important, so at least one day a week our horse must rest completely.

Be careful when exercising. If we do not warm the horse, it may suffer an injury. Like we warm up before going for a run, with the horse we must do the same. We can start by taking a walk of about 10 minutes. Then we jog and finally we can gallop quietly knowing that the horse has warmed properly.

All these tips are indications of the basic care to take into account, but if we see something strange on our horse, something out of the ordinary do not hesitate to consult with your veterinarian, he is the most suitable to give you the exact guidelines that each horse needs .