autumn day at estancia or polo club

An Autumn Day at an Estancia

We usually think of an estancia during summer or spring days. Autumn is also a great time of the year to take a break from the city and spend a day at an estancia with family and friends. The weather in April and May tend to be mild, with comfortable temperatures. This makes autumn a […]...
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The rural atmosphere

Rural environments by definition are areas not classified as urban areas, where agricultural and agro-industrial activities are carried out and where natural resources predominate. In turn, it is a territory that is distinguished from others by its low density of inhabitants. In today’s post w...
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The emotional benefits of a balanced landscape

The landscape in which we spend our day to day can positively or negatively affect our health. The views that we have from the window of our house or from our workplace can influence our mood, making us more irritable or enjoying more relaxation and positive emotions. An attractive, clean, and aesth...
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